Server linking is now a feature of GW2 WvW that will stay for the forseeable future. In a post detailing the reasons and ramifications behind linking, here is one thing Tyler Bearce said might be on the table if the Yes Votes won:

“Anyway, probably the next most reasonable option, other than what we actually did, would be to leave NA T1&2 unlinked and then link T3+T8, T4+T7 and T5+T6. At the time we believed players (especially on T1 & T2) would view this as less fair, but now that players have actually experienced it, perhaps this is the way to go the next time we re-link worlds (assuming World Linking wins the vote.)”

I’m hoping this option appears on the follow-up poll, as I think it would definitely be the best way to go. The top six worlds already experienced very few problems with having enough people in the maps to accomplish things, and this would help the remainder to have enough people in the maps, while at the same time not forcing us to be in massively over-populated, blob-heavy matchups.

The thread I linked above not only has the details of the devs Thinking Behind Linking, but also features several comments by our own Kainengas - plus a response to Nanesh by Chris Barrett. This post makes it pretty clear that the devs don’t really get how important the sense of community is to servers like ours, where the vast majority of WvW players have used the multiple guild feature of GW2 to help link ourselves and our guilds together. In reading a lot of the devs’ posts, it’s clear that they feel people still pretty much have one guild that’s important to them; at least for WvW players. I think this may indeed be how it is on the more heavily populated servers, and I would wager a guess that’s what they have the most experience with. However, they do seem open to the idea that community and world identity are important. This is encouraging! When the next poll comes up, I think we need to make sure we re-inforce this.

The connections that exist between the players of Kaineng, and our sense of world identity are indeed very important, particularly now. My friend Clea put it best, I think, with this post from the Owls’ website relating an experience from last weekend:

...I'm trying to keep up with the TC tag, slowly understanding why they do what they do, smashing endlessly into the BG Blobs, struggling to keep the talentless horde out of SMC...when out of nowhere comes the Darkly Delectable Elrenia and her Sultry Purple Tag with her krewe, smacking the Yak Benders around and going toe to toe with the Blackgate Bloat, holding their own under her leadership...I dusted my leathers off, smoothed out my crazy hair and clenched my pistols tighter...I was proud to be Kaineng, to see one of our own large and in charge...Well Done Commander

Which leads me to the next bit...I'm afraid the reality is the only hands that can safely shepherd our identity is our own...we've lost our way in worry and fear over change and what will come...we are dispossessed, but just because the house was sold doesn't mean the family is falling apart, energies might be better spent focusing on What we are now and How we can strengthen our bonds to maintain the family in the turbulent future...I'm tired of the Dark Cloud hanging over us...Try to remember the Humor that is our Trademark...Let some Sun in.

Thanks Clea! This is Kaineng!

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The biggest recent change in Guild Wars 2 World vs. World is server pairing. Based off server rank positions from a couple weeks ago, Kaineng is still paired with Tarnished Coast. Anet has said they will re-evaluate population flux, and make changes to the pairings by hand if necessary, but it is not yet an automatic process.

For Kaineng, this has meant a radical change. Over the past year we’ve ranged between Tier 5 and Tier 7, due to our population. Now, we are playing in Tier 1, and it’s a very different situation. Many of our players prefer a havoc style, or enjoy spending time solo-flipping camps, and these things can be tricky during peak play hours now. However, one of our chief qualities as a server is that we have great skill density. What do I mean by that? Since we have spent a lot of time over the last year or more outnumbered, and since our squads (and before that multi-party zergs) frequently ran with 10 to 20 players, there was very little cushion available for players to just run with a blob and not think too much about what they were doing, or not have to work hard to survive. Now, because of having to work against this adversity, Kaineng has a very high percentage of good, skilled players. Our numbers are smaller, but more of those numbers are good at what they do, and are more familiar with the players around them. This makes for excellent, tight havoc groups in T1.

After the pairing went live, we found ourselves in Tier 2. Since then, working with Tarnished Coast, our two servers have risen to Tier 1 together. Everyone on Kaineng that I’ve talked to has said that if we had to get paired with a high tier server, they were glad it was TC. They have welcomed us all to their server website, and started verifying us in their Teamspeak server on the night we were first paired up. They have even made guild channels on their Teamspeak server for Kaineng guilds. Several people have told me that other pairings are not going nearly as well, with open hostility and bitterness plaguing other duos. They may not be our partner forever, but for now I think the potential exists for some great teamwork.


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If you have registered to the website and is a Kaineng member but failed the verification test, please private message Fledging Dragon with proofs that you are a member of the server. In your message, please include your Account ID, main character name, guild you are associated with, and at least three server members that could verify your existence in the server.

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If you are newly registered, please follow the following instructions to get you started!

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